Fundamentals of Code was started for one reason. That is to help other developers gain the skills necessary to become relevant in the world of software development. Nick is a self-taught developer, with a passion for showing others how to be successful in the world of software development. Nick found that he was able to be successful, by not focusing on a new framework, or by learning multiple programming languages at the same time. He found he was able to be successful by focusing on fundamental principles and then applying those.

“Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying the basic fundamentals.”  ~ Jim Rohn

Fundamentals or first principles are those axioms from which a foundation can be built which will endure time. That is how to stay relevant, especially in the world of software. It’s easy to get caught up in hopping from one framework to the next, or thinking that if I learn this new stack is more marketable.  It’s true, that learning the more in demand technologies can make you more marketable in the short term. However, what happens when the next new in-demand thing comes along? How do you go about learning that? By focusing on the fundamentals of course.